Stop Trying To Do It All Yourself

Over this past weekend, I had the pleasure of being a part of one of the strongest and most supportive teams I’ve ever been on.  I, along with seven others, ran a 75 mile relay race in the middle of Iowa over 11.5 hours. As a team, we averaged 9.22 min/mile – which is really impressive!  However, the most impressive part of the whole race was how we all came together to support each other, no matter what. We cheered and rallied behind each and every runner and we took care of each other in between each of our runs.

While many of us knew each other, there were a handful of people that I had just met for the first time on our team. Yet I felt just as supported by those I had just met as I would have by close friends or family. The significance of this is wonderful and it seems like a pretty common thing among people – it’s just not often a common experience.

Having this experience has reminded me that there is support available to us if and when we need it. I know that there are many of us out there who feel alone or isolated in our situations. We feel as though others cannot relate, won’t have time to help or we simply feel we can do it better ourselves.  The truth is that there are several people out there waiting to help ease your burdens, solve your next problem, be more productive or help you find a healthy way of living – you just need to reach out for the support and someone will take your hand. Every time.

As people, we love to help each other out and be of service to others when we can. It’s something that’s inherent in our need to advance the human race. Our fast paced, technological world has brought us farther apart, but also closer together.  Support is literally just a “click” away now – all you have to do is utilize it.

Our team was formed primarily online for this relay and we communicated and coordinated the whole thing over messenger. It was easy and took very little time and when we came together, we were a strong team with the goal of helping each other do our very best – and have a good time!  So, reach out, form your support team and stop trying to do this all yourself. You will literally be a better person for it.


Here’s a pic of our team – The T.U.R.D.s (Totally Unprepared Running Distances) – and yes, we won best team name!

Team TURDS group pic

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