Empowerment Coaching

These days we have an epidemic of high-achieving women who are juggling careers but are also mothers. Attending to all of their commitments is running them ragged. They’re burnt out, snappish and agitated both at home and work. They’re in poor physical health, and truly, more than anything, they feel trapped and exhausted,  knowing that there has to be something better than this!

Are you: 

  • Tired of feeling overwhelmed and depleted?
  • Thinking that there must be some other way to get everything on your list accomplished, but have yet to find it?
  • Laughing at the thought of actually getting 8 hours of sleep at night?
  • Thinking “I’ll be happy as soon as ______”?
  • Wanting to find that elusive “work-life balance?”

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

You are in the right place!

I’m an Empowerment Coach and I specialize in helping these women re-claim their lives and release the things that are depleting them. I help them reconnect to what’s most important to them (outside of societal pressures), and take charge in creating a life that is vibrant, balanced, and meaningful.

I Can Help You:

  • Reclaim your life so you don’t feel overwhelmed anymore!
  • Find out what is really getting in the way of your success and happiness.
  • Take a good look at your current life blueprint so you can recognize where change needs to happen.
  • Create a new blueprint for your life that will transform you, your relationships, and your life!
  • Find the inner peace and harmony that has been evading you for years!

Through one on one coaching over the phone or Skype, I work with women who are struggling to meet their daily demands or just feeling like there must be more to life than what they are doing now. I help them step into their true inner strength and power and live their life with more integrity, joy and wellness.

Individual attention and support through coaching is the most effective and proven way for a person to master any area of their life and make necessary changes that they have been struggling to make on their own.

If you know what  you “should” be doing or “could” do to make your life better, but are having trouble implementing that or moving forward, then coaching is for you. I will help you move beyond those obstacles that keep you from doing what you know you “should” do or the guilt that’s keeping you from doing what you “want” to do.

Let’s chat and I’ll tell you more about how coaching can make a difference in your life (and don’t worry, this kind of call is free).

Contact me today and learn exactly how to reclaim your life and start living according to your own authentic inner voice!

To Schedule individual coaching with me, email me at ignite@innersparkconsulting.com]

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