Going for My Dream

Recently, I made the biggest commitment of my life. I quit my full-time job to build my coaching practice full-time.  Now this decision did not just happen overnight of course. I had been considering this for a while and just didn’t have the courage to do it until last month. As a single mom on a shoestring budget, I really had to consider whether or not this was worth it – under one firm condition: fear was not going to decide for me.

So, with a little push from the universe in the form of a wake-up call to the time I was “wasting” at my full-time job, I took the leap.  When I made the decision to do so, things started to align like magic to support me.  It was incredible. The very day that I quit the job, I had an office space set up and ready to go for me in a friend’s chiropractic office. This was something that was not planned to happen until around September 1, so I was thrilled at that.  Then, financial support came in from one of the most unlikely sources.  Now, I am building my clientele faster than I thought possible and I’m on my way to financial freedom in the next 60 days or less!

I had heard stories like this one from other people all the time. In fact, it’s everywhere in my industry.  Many coaches took a leap of faith and watched in awe as the universe aligned to support them. It’s an incredible feeling!  The best part is, each and every one of us is following our heart’s desire.  Our real life dream.  And it’s our belief that when you do that, you can’t go wrong and you won’t fail – as long as you ask for help and you’re willing to allow things to turn out slightly different than you imagine in your mind. Also, I love my daily life now.  I absolutely love being out and networking with people, serving my community and my clients in the best way that I can. I am truly giving back to society and contributing in a meaningful way.  For me, there’s no better way to live.

I think the most meaningful part of this entire experience so far is that I have accomplished more and made more money in the past three and a half weeks than I did the first seven months of the year!  Why? Because I am focusing all my energy and efforts toward my dream.  The more energy and effort you put toward something, the more it expands (so simple, right?). The catch is that most of us are expending energy, time and focus on a J.O.B that doesn’t feel rewarding or joyful and doesn’t use our natural talents and abilities. It keeps us afloat, pays our bills and health insurance and offers a bit of a safety net that allows us to feel good in the world. But it doesn’t fulfill us.  For some people, they work in a job that they love.  A place where they use their creativity, gifts and talents each day. It’s literally their dream job. No matter if they are their own boss or work for several bosses, they are joyful and loving life. I think everyone deserves that.

With a little investment in yourself, you can enjoy that too. I had a coach help me get clear on what I wanted to do.  What my actual dream was. And once I had that clarity, I could move forward with purpose and direction, setting meaningful goals that supported my progress. You can also do this. Sit down and just journal some of the things that you enjoy, the things that bring you pleasure and joy each day.  Use that to form the basis for what you would like to feel and do each day.  Ask yourself important questions like “If I could do anything in the world and get paid as much as I wanted, what would I do?”  and “If I could design my everyday life, what would it look like?”  and “what would a perfect day be like for me?” and “what is my dream?  My true heart’s desire?”

Spend some time on this and if you’re really serious about it, get a coach to help you get clarity or grab a friend to help you brainstorm.  You deserve the life you were meant to live.  You deserve happiness and fulfillment in your life, and most of all, you deserve to have a purpose each and every day.  Discovering and connecting with your dream is the first step.  So, take the leap, invest in yourself and you will be so glad that you did!

Much love,



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