Fear – The Foundation For Being S.T.U.C.K.

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Fear. We’ve all felt it. At that moment before we walk on stage (or to the front of the room) to give a speech or introduce ourselves. Or that moment right after we almost rear end the person in front of us. Or even that time when we actually started going for our dreams!  Oh, wait! You haven’t done that yet? Well, that’s fear (not responsibility, not obligation, not finances or any other excuse you’ve made) – it’s Fear. Bottom line: fear can make us think that we’re being responsible or doing what we “should” do. The trouble is, fear wants you to stay in your comfort zone. Bad idea. The comfort zone is the place where you lose yourself. Totally and completely and not in a good way (you know, that “I lost myself in the work it was so wonderful” – that’s not it at all).  You lose your sanity, your health, your well-being, creativity, liveliness and optimism. You lose your true essence and it’s a serious tragedy. The comfort zone is like everything else that seems great (think ice cream and chocolate) – it’s great in moderation. If you’re in it for too long, bad things happen.

So the reason that fear screams at us when we try to step outside of our comfort zone is because our very efficient and capable mind is trying to protect us from a perceived threat. This is the threat of the unknown essentially, but it feels (to your mind) like the threat of your actual life.  And often, it doesn’t stop there! It becomes convinced that not only will you fail and die, but so will everyone you care about or that depends upon you. Let’s straighten this out right now. Unless you are truly doing something life threatening (to you or anyone else), stepping out of your comfort zone is not going to kill you. In fact, it’s going to make your life a whole lot sweeter! So, keep this mantra in mind as you move away from your comfort zone:

Here’s your fear-repelling (ok, not really, the fear will still probably be there), but here’s your mantra for new things: “I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone, so something awesome is about to happen!” (thank you to my friend I so shamelessly stole this line from – you know who you are!). 

If you use this mantra (or affirmation) every time you experience something new, or set out to make real changes in your life, you will shift your perspective on the fear that keeps you right where you are.  This may be enough to motivate you to continue outside your comfort zone. If it’s not, then add more affirmations to it and get some support (ONLY from those who truly believe in you and actually are a positive support or role model).

Fear does not have to keep us stuck right where we are. Security is not always what it’s cracked up to be. You have potential for great things. You truly have gifts within you that don’t need to be protected and preserved forever. Though fear may try to convince you to lay low, be quiet and not step into your own light, it essentially has no power over you.  You can choose to move forward despite your fear (and chances are, you’ve done this exact thing a time or two in your life already) and watch yourself change and transform – EVEN IF YOU FAIL. You will be a better person for it and braver to boot.

Don’t let your fear run the show. Just don’t. It’s super irrational. I mean, who would allow the guy that thinks getting a promotion or changing careers means certain death, be in charge? Not me. That dude doesn’t know what he’s talking about and you don’t have to listen. Take charge of the direction you want to go in life and step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be glad you did.



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