Astrological Birth Chart Readings

On the day and time of your birth, the stars and planets were positioned in a unique way. The positions of these planets can tell us a story about who you are on a soul level and why you are here on Earth. What is your purpose? What are the lessons that this life is teaching you? Why does your co-worker annoy you so much? What type of relationship do you have with your significant other? Or your kids or parents? What gets you motivated?

With your Birth Chart, we can answer all these questions and more! We can discover what your soul came here to accomplish and look to see if any changes are on the horizon for you. In an initial reading, we cover the basics of the chart and I can answer some questions about your purpose and motivations. In additional readings, we can dive in deep and learn more about what’s coming up for you and what you have to offer the world.

30 – Minute Chart Reading: $50
45 – Minute Chart Reading: $75
Relationship Reading: $125

** Please have your Date, Time and Location of Birth Ready for your Reading **  If you don’t have your birth time, we can still do a reading, it will just be less detailed. 🙂



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What to Expect From Your Reading